Playing the Role

Gaston King
4 min readJan 3, 2021

A poetic story of performing in the Fringe Festival of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Recollecting all the positives and outweighing the negatives that occurred in that week of traveling.
Multiple performances, hardened judges, positive ratings, and a chance to be nationally recognized!
I didn’t care. I had one priority on my mind, and it was trying to win her back.
We’d spent the past two years bickering, arguing, and feeling for one another with toxic tendencies.

We arrived at the airport with a huff, awkward feelings forcing myself to stand off.
The trying thought to get somewhere and create everlasting memories.
As our families waived the seven of us off, we headed to our terminal to fly out over seas.
Flights spent hiding in my books and journals confessing the conflicted emotions that lied within.

Arriving on the island of Britain,
Exploring Abbey Road, roaming the queen’s castle, and witnessing a Wicked performance.
Meals spent separating myself but my body continued gravitating towards her.
I hated the power she had over me, with each seamless spoken and unspoken word.

Taxi fare provided social outlets for me to share with other cast members,
Scrunched seats with belittling seatbelts don’t mix with long legs.
A chance immerged to actually bond during our travels and share a common goal.
To enjoy ourselves.

The more I seemed to focus on the party the less my anxiety climbed my spine.
My worries began to dissipate and she seemed to gravitate towards me.
Walking in the street allowed momentary intimacy to be shared.
Her family arrived and greeted me with open arms.

Tickets are given to her freely on the street for obnoxiously comical theatre.
Who do you select out of all seven to take with you, no one other than myself.
Pleased as punch and tickled pink, I hesitantly accept in regards to the show caliber.
A chance to genuinely laugh out loud allows me to lack in awareness and let down my…

Gaston King

Poet, film actor, director and artist.